Free Mini-Training:The Secret to Getting Unstuck in Your Finances

If this sounds familiar, you're probably stuck in your finances. But it doesn't have to be that way. There is a reason things aren't changing for you...

It's that Your Relationship to Money Needs to Change!

Hi, I'm Linzy Bonham. I’m a therapist in private practice, and a consultant who helps therapists feel calm and in control of their finances. 

As the daughter of an accountant, I inherited a good dose of bookkeeping brain. I’m like half therapist, half bookkeeper. So when I went into private practice I dug right into all the ways to build a healthy business that pays for my life and always has extra money in the bank.

I also saw my super skilled colleagues struggle with the money side of business. Some had even left private practice, or were avoiding starting one, because the money side was too stressful.

Our beliefs and emotions around money can be serious barriers to even *thinking* about starting to make changes in how we manage our finances.

In fact, without changing those beliefs and the emotions that go with them, making lasting change is damn near impossible.

If you are ready to work on your beliefs about money, enter your name and email address in the form below and get access to this free mini-training.

This free mini-training is a quick, and POWERFUL, first step to building the new relationship with money that is essential to get your finances in order.


When you submit your email, I'll send you an email (from with the link for the mini-training, so you can access it whenever you want. I suggest setting aside 25 minutes with no distractions to get the most out of this mini-training. 
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